Riverside Society of Parliamentarians

Riverside Society of Parliamentarians

[affectionately known as RSP]

founded in 1986 in Riverside, California

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Join us the second Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 7:30 PM PST online

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 858 8348 2401

Passcode: 959932

Your organization’s parliamentary authority; listed in the bylaws

The IN BRIEF book, only 200 pages, is really all you need to get going!

Online, you’ll see RONR which is Rules of Order Newly Revised

If you need the NEW 12th edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised [RONR], go to the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) and get the edition that is spiral bound. It is much easier to flip through. Order from their “store” without being a member.

Both books are available for quick and easy download in e-Reader format at Amazon.com

Some of the groups and organizations that need to run effective meetings by correctly using Roberts Rules of Order:

  • civic and fraternal clubs • church boards • fraternities and sororities homeowners associations • PTA groups • political organizations
  • Run effective meetings by maintaining ORDER and preside with AUTHORITY
  • HAVE GAVEL, WILL TRAVEL! We’re available to conduct free Beginner’s Workshops for your organization.

contact: judd3@aol.com and put RSP in the subject line

NEW RSP website addition!

There are now FIVE Roberts Rules study

clubs in the U.S.

They’re all monthly specialty Toastmasters clubs, and they’re all on ZOOM. The newest clubs are in CA, NY, HI. The two older Toastmasters study clubs were chartered in 1984 (CA) and 1997 (MN).

Check out the calendar below which is updated monthly.

Active Toastmasters and guests who are not Toastmasters can login on ZOOM and check out each club’s study program. The active Toastmasters fill out an app as a “dual” member and pay April and October dues just like in their home clubs. Every District parliamentarian should be invited to join. What do we say every year in January? Get ready to TRAIN YOUR SUCCESSOR. A District Parliamentarian stepping down can now easily introduce a successor to these dynamic ParliPro clubs.

NEW RSP website addition!

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) are national organizations dedicated to leadership and skills-building for high school-age students.

Both organizations nationwide have Parliamentary Procedure skit competitions in which the teams prepare and present a 15 minute “skit” of a mock meeting with many agenda items such as main motions, amendments, incidental motions, privileged motions that volunteer judges score them on. Based upon their total point scores, teams earn bronze, silver, or gold medals.

Members of the Riverside Society of Parliamentarians, involved with both organizations for several years, recently judged both FBLA and FCCLA ParliPro competitions. At the FBLA contest, four of the five teams are proceeding to Nationals in Chicago this summer. FCCLA will have its Nationals in San Diego in June.

[We didn’t get pictures at the FBLA competition March 30th, but the picture below shows RSP president Bob Palmer with the winning team from the FCCLA State competition April 24th in Riverside CA]

Every Parliamentary Procedure Study Group should search for both organizations in their state and contact them to provide coaching and assistance to these wonderful Parlipro teams. At each Parlipro Club’s Zoom meetings, these teams can be invited to go into a BREAKOUT ROOM to practice their 15-minute skits and get feedback from club members.

Go online to find out more about these two fabulous organizations.. In addition to parliamentary procedure, they also have speaking competitions.

New RSP website addition:

YOU, the seven Parlipro clubs and the high school Parlipro teams mentioned above can practice working with MOTIONS, master the vocabulary.

The Riverside Society of Parliamentarians has created ParliPro games on Wordwall.net

Actually, when you make a game on Wordwall.net, you get three games that use all the content on your game. You can spin the wheel, open numbered boxes, or deal random cards. Play around with it. You’ll get it!

The QR code on the newsletter below takes you to all three games shown there. The R-S-D-A-V acronym in the center of the wheel is related to any Motions Chart. Do you need to be Recognized? Does your motion require a Second? Is your motion Debatable? Is it Amendable? What is the Vote needed for passage? R-S-D-A-V!

Spin the wheel. Talk about the parliamentary item, give an example, tell whether it is a Main, Subsidiary, Incidental, or Privileged motion. Use the games for Table Topics. If you’re not familiar with these classifications, reference the tinted pages in RONR. Some Motions Charts have M, S, I, and P to look for.

Go to Wordwall.net, [it’s FREE], create a user name and password, go to COMMUNITY on the top tool bar and search ParliPro games.

You can spin the wheel with the spin feature or just grab it with a finger. There is a delete feature so that you don’t land on the same item again. Smart!

On your device, scroll down below the WHEEL to get to OPEN the BOX and RANDOM CARDS.

Brief History of Parliamentary Procedure


Luther Stearns Cushing (1803-1853) published his parliamentary procedure guide in 1844 thirty-two years before Henry M. Robert published his first Roberts Rules of Order.

Here’s a clipping of his bio:

The books are about 240 pages and are 4″ wide x 8″ tall

Here are pix of the editions in RSP’s library:

[We’d LOVE to find an 1844 edition!]

Mr. Cushing was born on June 22 in 1803 and died on his birthday just 53 years later!


“I only wish I had lived long enough to see this fabulous website!” Henry Martyn Robert

“Me too.” Ralph Smedley, founder of Toastmasters author of two biographies of Henry Martyn Robert